What is a Pedicab?

A Pedicab, also known as a "bicycle rickshaw", is a tricycle shuttle that we use for our tours in Central Park. It is an entertaining form of transportation for both tourists and locals regardless of the season and most importantly pedicabs have great environmental benefits for our city.

Our classic "MainStreet" Pedicabs are perfectly designed for Central Park tours since it is easy for people to hop on and off to take pictures or walk through major highlights of the Park. Our Pedicabs can accommodate up to three people, usually two adults and a child. Pedicabs are the best way to visit the Green Side of New York and make the most of your time here in NYC.


Penguin Tours offer one-hour completely guided Pedicab Tour around Lower Loop of Central Park which is approximately 1/3 of Central Park. If you want to sit back, relax and discover the main highlights of the Lower Loop of the park within a short but fun space of time, then this Lower Loop Pedicab Tour is a perfect choice for you!


The beauty of Central Park doesn't end at the Lower Loop destinations (1/3 of Central Park). Rather, it gets even more gorgeous as you explore further. If you want to experience the whole beauty of the park from the highest point, Belvedere Castle, then you should definitely book this Pedicab tour! You don't come to NYC everyday!


Central Park North is often neglected by visitors. However, unlike the South of Central Park, it is very tranquil and less crowded. Whole Park Tour lets you explore every single highlight of Central Park. All you have to do is just sit back, laugh and take awesome pictures. Just imagine covering 843 acres in 2,5 hours of fun, isn't it amazing?