1. What is the size of Central Park?
The total area of Central Park is 843 acres (3.41 km2)

2. Can I pay online for the tour?
Yes, you can book a tours by calling us or buy a ticket going to the link http://www.zerve.com/PenguinTours

3. What payment methods do you support?
We accept cash, credit and debits cards including Visa, Master Maestro, and American Express

4. In case of an inconvenient weather conditions, can I reschedule my tour?
Yes, surely you can reschedule your tours in case of an inconvenient weather conditions such as rain or snow. Just let us know at least 24 hours in advance.

5. How many people can fit in one pedicab if I want to book a pedicab tour?
A pedicab can accommodate 2 adults and 1 child. If you have a group of people, we will provide more pedicabs and the whole group will be together as we usually go side by side for the entire tour.

6. We already booked the tour but we are not sure where the departing location is?
Our tours usually start by the Plaza Hotel at 58th street and 5th avenue. However, we can also pick you up from your hotel or any other convenient location to you. Pick-ups from hotel are free of charge.

7. Is the TIP included in the price of the tour?
Tips are not included in the price of the tour. If you enjoyed the tour you may tip your tour guide. As most of our guides are students, tips are greatly appreciated!

8. Do you offer group discounts?
We do have group discounts depending on the number people. Please, contact us for more information.

9. We want to see the whole park. Is there any tours for the whole park?
Yes, we offer tours if you want to see the whole park or you can also customize your own tour and show us the places of your own interest.

10. Where does the tour end?
We usually start and finish all tours at the same location - by the Plaza Hotel (5th ave, 58th st). But you can also choose the ending point of the tour such as a restaurant or your hotel.